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Heather's Reading Room

The tale of the great nanatua.
by: Heather

There once was an island not to far from here, and it was a very beautiful island. On this island resided two peoples. The baffs and the flapitematy's. They all lived in the town of Jippy, just below a great hill. At the top of the hill lived a giant but in the village they called him Nanatua, which meant "one of hugeness and disgust" in other words, they hated him. And thats how it always was.

In this village the only food source were the pear trees that were by the village. The baffs had long necks so they ate from the top of the trees and the flapitematy's were really short so they ate the pears at the bottom. No one knew what the nanatua ate, for he never came out of his house. And thats how it always was.

One day, some village kids dared their friend Alikazo to go the nanatuas house and knock on the door. He did so and when the giant answered the door all his friends abandoned him. He tried to run but the nanatua swooped him up carried him into his house and slammed the door.

The little boy thought that he was going to be eaten, but the giant began talking to the boy and Alikazo found out that the giant was actually a really nice guy. He was just really lonely. A few months went by and the giant and Alikazo became the best of friends, the only thing was the giant wouldn't ever let Alikazo leave because he was scared that he would leave him forever, and he would become lonely again.

Alikazo finally got up the courage to tell him that he missed his freinds and family and that he wanted to go back. Because the giant cared so much for the boy and wanted him to be happy he let him return. Alikazo promised to return again but the giant had little belief.

When Alikazo returned, everyone in Jippy rejoyced. They all thought that he had died and was gone forever. Alikazo started telling everyone of the giant and his kindness. He also told them of his lonelyness. Everyone was saddened that they had called the giant such a mean name and never gave him a chance just because he was so different from all of them.

At the town meeting that week, it was decided that everyone was to be nice to the giant from now on. It was also decided that they needed to do something for him, something especially grand. The townsmen all talked and it was concluded at last that on his next birthday which was in two days they would throw him a huge suprise party. Everyone was so excited and they all made goodies and everything you would possibly make out of pears. Pear pie, pear jam, pear scampi, steamed pear, stewed pear, pear tacos, pear potatoes, sweet pears, and so on.

Finally the day came and they all went up to his house, Alikazo in front and knocked. When he opened the door they all yelled, "Suprise!!!" at the top of their lungs. The giant was so suprised he had a heart attack and died. Everyone was so saddened that they just sat and ate pears and became fat. And thats how it always was. The End.

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