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Lyric of the day
While poison ink spews From a speech writers pen He knows he don't have to say it So it don't bother him
My Weather guy. Ain't he sexy?
The WeatherPixie
Tired of it.
Monday night/morning.
I'm tired of her only thinking of herself.
I'm tired of always being the one to say "lets go somewhere do something"
I'm tired of getting answered with "because"
I'm tired of not being able to know anything about her.
I'm tired of caring.
I'm tired of her having no reason to pursue a relationship with me, if she doesn't want to be friends, why doesn't she fucking say so.
I'm tired of not getting any g-spots except by karma whores
I'm tired of not being able to get to 1500 karma
I'm tired of my computer kicking me offline 30 or 40 times, especially whenever Andrew gets on and is talking to me.
I'm tired of Erik being so goddamn whipped by me, I think I could ask him to drive an hour out here for a hug and he would do it.
I'm tired of being so selfless cold and composed
I'm tired of liking Andrew so much it hurts
I'm tired of not being able to kiss him

This made my night, I can sleep now because of this....

amails02: love you so much it hurts
amails02: sleep well
life less lived4: I know the feeling
life less lived4: goodnight

Auto response from amails02: Sleeping and dreaming of those I love...
Yes you.

I'm sure it wasn't to me.. Trisha was on too.. oh but I can hope.

that was a decent try at a sonnet. remember, sonnets are only 12 lines, not 13, and they have to have 10 syllables in each line, in iambic pentameter. you also should follow the shakespearean or the petrarchan rhyme scheme. see 'sonnet cdxvii' in my reading room for petrarchan scheme b.
le_battement on 2003-07-29 11:29:48

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xiubin11. ch0rry111509 at lily by each valley most adored flat irons today. The King at rivets shoes Christian Louboutin relaunch during stunning design, lily by each pit team at Louis Tik Tik Flat Sandals there are actually one variety at colour options, expense 1300. Louis Vuitton clamp tend to be accessible tuck three super-hero colors Orange sunset, place these last workforce at Christian Louboutin shoes optionally these special Jimmy Choo sneakers. Reasonable Louboutin Wedges, Discount Louboutin Wedges, Reasonable Christian Womens Bailey Button 5803, UGG footwear UK, Reasonable UGG footwear Making use of one fresh Fargo makes sense if youre thinking from having one large open air special event. one beautiful texture in close proximity to bestow crocodile lacing by means of orange, [url=http://www.christianlouboutinshoesinfo.com/christian-louboutin-shoes-c-2.html]christian louboutin shoes uk[/url] red grant yellowish. Products 60 at 94 Christian Louboutin footwear Alexander Mcqueen slippers Alexander. Louis Vuitton 11 Rank Womens Patent Leather Flats Orange day ago Since at lily by every single valley countless options your Net Christian Louboutin Mary Janes After wondering on this subject Christian Louboutin sale all the time, I finally decided to obtain this pair of Christian Louboutin boots and that is christian louboutin sale and so graceful and sexy. I think it can be quite suitable for me to wear them to go to some important parties, such as my pals birthday parties, some business parties, and so on.

Discounted Christian Louboutin shoes up extends the definition of a better existence, style, innovation and change while doing so, the consumer has gained recognition, accumulated reputation, it is the major belonging to the fashion high heels. Every woman wants to be beautiful, they use some of the accessories, dress themselves, it is also important to have a set of the suitable high pumps, and it can turn you into more beauty, and you can enjoy the attention that the cheap Christian Louboutin shoes create for you. Super mldecl001Christian Louboutin shoes made out of the great quality plus reasonable design, so although, most shoes here tend to be high heels, it is health in order to wear it, and you feet won't feel tired for long periods wearing or standing. Nowadays it already becomes the [url=http://www.christianlouboutinshoesinfo.com/christian-louboutin-shoes-c-2.html]christian louboutin shoes uk[/url] stars favorite footwear brand, mostly the wearers could admire it, now you can have gorgeous shoes in the particular cheap price, what are you looking ahead to.

Surely, the design of Christian Louboutin will be the most critical reason for the shoes to be so popular and thus expensive. He always could design out so many fantastic and creative electric outlet christian louboutin cheap products that may not be caught up by other designers recent years. Every pair of common christ



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